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A Third Hand

A Third Hand As a true third hand the WAW pedal enables the doctors to realize an FUE surgery with great precision, exactly like pure manual work. You can adjust the oscillation speed and angulation freely with the support of the motorized handpiece.

Simply place the Hybrid Tornado punch on the skin accurately and allow the pedal to assist in managing the extraction.

Custom-made Motor & Handpiece

By Nouvag

The Hybrid Tornado punch perfectly fits into the Nouvag autoclavable handpiece, which provides excellent support. When both are combined with a Nouvag motor, the FUE surgery proceeds with ease.

Hybrid Tornado

The Hybrid Tornado punch shares the advantages of both sharp and blunt punches in one. You can work deeper and with less trauma to the surrounding areas.

The Hybrid Tornado punch is tailored to doctors' needs and their procedure.

Wireless Control

The new version of the WAW System now offers its app with wireless control of the three main parameters to get optimal Fue's: Choose your acceleration speed, oscillation mode, and angulation.

It also offers a beneficial scoring counting that you can reset anytime.

As a true creator drawing on his extensive experience, Dr. Jean Devroye developed his own motorized pedal and punch to extract follicular grafts. The state-of-the-art Hybrid Tornado punch is designed for hair transplant surgeons whom take pride in providing their patients with the highest quality results possible. Dr Devroye is a regular participant and faculty member at international meetings and live workshops.

Technical Approach

The Hybrid Tornado punch offers the dull and sharp punches' advantages.

With a 90° outer edge and a smooth funnel shaped inner edge, the HT punch makes penetration into the skin gentle and less traumatic. The Hybrid Tornado punch works like a dissection tool rather than a cutting one.

Threading Movement

You can go deeper without damaging hair follicles, which is essential in terms of regrowth.

The extraction speed is increased thanks to the suction effect of the punch.

Grafts Yield

It is rewarding for doctors to experience high quality grafts as well as faster completion of the procedure.

You now have grafts that are less transected, chubbier, and richer in hair.

More grafts and hair

Follicular units have a conical shape and splay. If you want to extract the whole graft using sharp punches you have to raise the punch diameter. This increases your chances of damage to the surrounding hair and decreases the number of grafts obtained.

The Hybrid Tornado punch with its unique shape, allows you to collect both a higher quality and a greater number of grafts.

Much lower
transection rate

The Hybrid Tornado punch has a 90 degree outer edge that allows you to penetrate the skin easily. The smooth funnel-shaped inner edge treats the graft carefully when working in a vertical motion. The HT punch works like a dissection tool in a less aggressive way. There is less concern of transection as the rates drop between 3 to 8 percent.

Reduced scars

Thanks to its inner smooth shape, there is no need to raise the diameter of the punches to avoid transections.

Therefore, you have no worries of getting large scars on the skin.

Faster harvesting

Working with the Hybrid Tornado punch requires more time during the penetration process but the grafts are left untied. These high quality grafts make the extraction process fast and easy, resulting in an overall time saving of the procedure.

Less missing grafts

The dull punches tend to bury the grafts and the sharp punches tend to transect them. The Hybrid Tornado punch avoids both of these issues.

Working with moderate pressure along with the sucking effect of the funnel shaped inside will reduce the missing grafts rate significantly.

The punch can be used for 4000 to 6000 extractions and is autoclavable

A substantial saving

Faster harvesting and less missing grafts will guarantee you a quick return on investment. You will also experience an overall time saving of the procedure.
The punch can be used for 4000 to 6000 extractions and is autoclavable. Each punch is made with the best medical stainless steel. It is finished, sharpened and polished manually.
Graft quality is excellent and transections very low with this approach

Dr Bob True, May 2016

The new punches are too fabulous! I made my best FUE case I’ve ever done on an African patient. I wouldn’t have done it as well without Dr Devroye’s system! Dr Devroye’s system including the foot control, the adjustable micro oscillation, and the punch design combine to make this one of the best FUE devices ever produced. Graft quality is excellent and transections very low with this approach.
When i tried “waw” motor and punches, I felt like a master

Dr Ron Shapiro, August 2016

I had always been proud of my technical ability. I could place grafts as well as if not better than most assistants. I feel a physician needs to be near perfect when they do a procedure. With respect to FUE, none of the tools allowed me to feel that way... and it was frustrating. This all changed when i tried Dr. Devroye’s “waw” motor and punches, almost immediately I felt like a master
This system makes
FUE very easy...
and fun!

Dr Jerry Cooley, September 2016

This system makes FUE very easy... and fun! I have tried many FUE devices from manual to motorized (sharp, dull), and the oscillating flat punch has been by far the best!
It sounds
too good
to be true!

Dr Arthur Tykocinski, August 2016

The hybrid punch combines the benefits of a sharp and a dull punch in a single one. It is fast as the sharp and reliable as the dull. It doesn’t produce the typical friction that can be observed on scalp holes made with dull punches and avoids the torsion also produced by them. On the other hand, it produces clean cut grafts, like the sharp ones, but with extremely low transection rates, more fat and protection around the follicle. It sounds too good to be true…. yes, I know!
It will likely become
the new standard
for FUE !

Dr Jerry Wong, September 2016

Dr Devroye's WAW pedal along with the flat punch design will significantly improve motorized FUE graft quality and at the same time reduce transection rates. It will shorten the learning curve from beginner to expert and raise the standard at all levels. It will likely become the new standard for FUE.
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