The new Waw Duo FUE System includes:

The Hybrid Tornado Punch
The new Wireless Handpiece
The new Wired Handpiece
The new Application on an exclusive Tablet
The new WAW FUE Pedal


Where technology meets the human touch

Hybrid Tornado Punch

The Hybrid Tornado punch shares the advantages of both sharp and blunt punches in one: it allows to penetrate the skin deeper with minimal trauma to grafts.

The Hybrid Tornado punch is tailored to doctors' needs.

The main advantage of the Hybrid Tornado Punch is to increase the quality of each graft extracted:

Healthy and Chubby Grafts
Low Transection Rate
Less Missing Grafts
Less Visible Scars

New Wireless Handpiece

The new lightweight WAW Wireless Handpiece is connected to a sophisticated application.
The Wireless system grants a flexible and smooth control with additional freedom of movement.

The new WAW Wireless Handpiece was designed by considering the main challenges faced by surgeons nowadays. The perfect combination of the rotational and oscillatory motion with just the speed and duration of the movement needed, with a lightweight handpiece for the perfect results, and a wireless charging station that allows charging multiple handpieces at the same time.

Improved Wired Handpiece

Thanks to its simplistic design, the new WAW Wired Handpiece has the same qualities as the WAW Wireless Handpiece. Its advantage is the brand-new design which allows a simple cleaning and maintenance procedure to keep the handpiece in a good condition for a longer time.

The new improved wired handpiece is compatible with our new application to be easily used with various offered advantages including the combination of the rotational and oscillatory motion.

Bring WAW colors to your practice

The new WAW Handpieces are available in different colors and all the parts are interchangeable to compose funny and personalized instrumentation. Your logo can also be added on the handpieces.

Please note that the original color of the WAW Handpieces is champagne; the other colors are optional.

Multiphase Function

This mode enables to control rotation motion and oscillation motion. All the settings can be customized from setting the speed of the punch for both oscillation and rotational motions to being able to choose the duration of the punch movement.

Get the perfect combination of the rotational and oscillatory motion with the appropriate time and speed to reach perfect results!

Technical Approach

The Hybrid Tornado punch offers the advantages of dull and blunt punches in one.

With a 90° outer edge and a smooth funnel-shaped inner edge, the Hybrid Tornado punch makes penetration into the skin gentle and less traumatic, and it works like a dissection tool rather than a cutting one.

Hybrid Tornado Punch Movement

The new WAW DUO FUE allows to go deeper without damaging hair follicles, which is essential in terms of regrowth, making the grafts less transected, chubbier, and richer.

Wireless and Wired Control

This new upgrade from our old system (WAW Classic FUE System), allows surgeons to perform at a higher level by selecting different settings and by offering more flexibility and precision.

Wireless, Great Freedom of Movement
Improved Wired Handpiece
Lower Transection Rate
Better Quality Grafts Harvesting


What’s new: The new ON/OFF switch, LED indicators for battery level & operation mode status, and universal USB C-type charging point, all these new additions make it easier than ever for a user-friendly interface of the pedal. The sensitivity of the pedal can be controlled by the app.

The previous NOUVAG Handpiece and Motor are compatible with the new WAW DUO FUE System.

Charging Station

The WAW Charging Station makes our WAW DUO FUE System free of wires and allows the surgeon to always have one or more block motors in reserve that are interchangeable with the external sleeves of the handpiece.

Wireless and Wired Control

The WAW DOU FUE System is connected to a sophisticated application, allowing a more flexible command with additional freedom of movement.

Multi-phase Function

The speed, angulation, rotation, and oscillation settings are selected through the application. With the function of Graft Counting, it helps to achieve reassuring quality control.

Low Transection Rate

The WAW DUO FUE System is one of the most top-notch devices available. There are no other systems that consistently produce top-quality grafts, minimize wounding, and minimize transection at the same time.

High-Quality Graft

The WAW Hybrid Tornado Punch shares the advantages of both sharp and blunt punches in one. The new system helps to obtain the grafts that are less transected, chubbier, and richer.

Lightweight and Easy Dismantle

The global system is composed mainly of seven different pieces, allowing faster and easier sterilization of the device.

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